Changes for the new year!

The BellaVie is going to be getting a makeover for the finale of this year. It’s still going to be a resource on education and interviews with entrepreneurs, but I want to contribute to you.

So far it has been more about my journey with education, and how I’m accomplishing things, and articles on alternatives in education. I am working out on something secret that I hope will really empower the individual, and this involves other people as well.

Going solo is fun for sure, but having a network is better. The BellaVie is an expansive meaning for a beautiful life. That can mean anything to anyone, some people want to do regular school, some just want to manage their own health. Some people want to learn how to travel a bit more frequently and have some freedom to pursue their interests. I know I do.

There are many blogs that have inspired me to do the same, and I did not want my blog to become something of a personal journal – which can be good too, but not for the empowering things I want to share with individuals.

Travel, DIY Life, and Education. This is what the BellaVie is and will transform into the next months. I am looking for writers that are interested in these subjects that may want to contribute as well. But writing is not the only thing that will be happening to the BellaVie, get ready for some exciting new goodies, classes, and events post-makeover. That is all I’m going to say for now. In the meantime, check out The BellaVie FB page for updates, zines, and class information!



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