About and Consultations

2012-12-30 10.06.01

Isabelle Rizo is a writer, social media consultant, teacher, filmmaker and all-in-all a DIY advocate. If you are looking for assistance in any of these areas for your business, self, projects, feel free to contact her for a consultation and invoice. Connect with her through e-mail isabellebrizo@gmail.com, Twitter, Youtube, or Facebook!

Isabelle is a published freelance writer – her writing has been featured in KHLOE Magazine, Alternative Education Resource Organization, and literary zines. She does freelance videography in the Chicagoland area for special as well as commercial events. She has taught English with the Global Education Partnership in China, and created a documentary on that adventure for viewing  here.

The BellaVie is a brand created by Isabelle Rizo. A freelance entrepreneur, videographer and media enthusiast. She wants to inspire young people around the world to take education into their own hands and follow their passions by helping others.



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