Workshops and Classes

Want to start your own micro-business? Not sure what plans you have after high school? Ever been interested in independent publishing, media, or what other opportunities there are for higher education?

I host a variety of workshops and classes from the basics of blogging, to how to get a job using social media, and lots of things in between. There’s no better way to take advantage of your education than choosing your own classes!

I use Google Hangout, Teleclasses (conference calls), and in-person depending on locations and needs for classes.

Currently Offering Teleclasses, Google Hangouts, and One-on-One:

Learn the basics of blogging: platforms, connecting to Facebook, the best time to post, and how to narrow your writing to an audience. Comes with how-to zine in the mail with more tips and resources to make your blog how you intend it to be – great!

You’ve got a blog, business, product or event you want to host – how do you manage all of that social media? Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn… It can seem like a mountain of to-do’s. In this class I will share what tools and best ways there are to maximize exposure for your project, and not let the social media monster get to you.

I have gotten jobs in New York, Argentina, China, and around Chicago thanks to social media. How? Find out in this class.

Before I knew what an action plan was, I was all talk talk talk but did not do anything. Learn how to create a viable action plan to keep yourself accountable and accomplish the things you “say” you will do. Comes with action plan kit – journal, action plan worksheet, and do more than exist button.

College tuition is getting higher every year, textbooks are becoming out of date with the rate of technology discovering new things every day, and with a myriad of free information available at the library and online…. How can you focus and actually learn on your own terms. I have been DIYing my education since high school and with the help of a supportive network and following your curiosity you can too!

I got into the Youtube scene in 2008 back on Windows Movie Maker (made some leaps and bounds since then). But you don’t need a fancy camera and equipment to express yourself – sure those definitely help – but when you feel you have something valuable that can contribute to others why not share it with video. I’ll teach you an introduction to DIY filmmaking on a shoe-string budget. This class comes with a how-to zine in the mail with my own experiences taking classes in school for film and also books that have helped me grow into video making.

For the DIY learners out there, it’s best to share your work with the rest of the world. Whether it may be a blog, a movie, your art, or your accomplishments. A resume doesn’t cut it anymore. What have you accomplished and how can you best share it with the world? I will show you what is best for you with what talents you have and share them with the world.

Seriously. You would be surprised with how much people want to help younger people. I will share with you how I connected with authors, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs around the world and how to learn the most from them and their experiences.

Never heard of travel-hacking? Check out Chris Guillebeau’s Frequent Flyer Master for a more in-depth look. It’s basically learning how to travel cheaply or for free eventually by getting frequent flyer miles. I will not be covering the intricacies of all things travel-hacking but I will show how you and where to find the cheapest travel  opportunities by plane. Want to travel around the world? This class is for you!

Ever wanted to be a published author or artist? Why not take publishing into your own hands and make a zine? A zine (pronounces zEEn) is a self-published book or pamphlet distributed straight from the artist that made it. Learn how to make a simple zine in this introductory class. Comes with a how to make a zine zine!

Or Choose 2 classes and save $10!

Upcoming Workshops:

Coming soon!

Feel free to email me if you have specific questions or think that I can help you in your business, collaborations, or would like me to come teach a class at your event!

What people are saying about working with Isabelle:

“…She is very personable, hardworking, easy to connect with, flexible with great leadership qualities, highly creative with strategic thinking and very passionate with positive attitude about design and life. I highly recommend her.” -David Chu

“Isabelle’s work ethic, creativity and consistent exposure to new ideas is a combination that more people should strive to attain. With her, you can be sure that you’ll get amazing dedication to solving the problem at hand, and innovative solutions for when traditional methods don’t work…”Carlos Miceli

“Isabelle has a great vision, and is focus on closing the gap of her actions towards targeting her goals rather than just follow general rules. She is very practical, enthusiastic, and open minded to learn to do things in new ways. Technically, she is very computer savvy making the best use of social media tools, wordpress, and a video blogging. She posses great communication skills, and best examples are her mailed ezines and youtube video uploads.” – Juan Mendez



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