You Can Earn Your Degree Cheaply… Abroad!

As a few of you may know, I work for the Alternative Education Resource Organization. It is my job to find relevant and exciting information in the world of education alternatives. Something that I stumbled across today was how you can earn your degree abroad. Sounds ridiculously expensive right? I thought so too, until I looked a little more into it.

You can watch the Young Turks video for yourself here:

This is the organization Keith talks about in his video – MEXT.

But there is also that lists specific programs all around the world at lesser prices that those found at your university ($10,000 for a week in Rome…. no thanks).

Those are a few of the websites that deal specifically with studying abroad, but did you know that you can attend universities abroad that are only $750 per semester? Still too much?

I’m working on finishing up my associate’s degree in film and video production – with an emphasis on media and visual communication/marketing. I’m doing this through my local community college. I do not have any student loans, and I am certified to teach English, have co-run an international volunteer organization, and interned at two media production facilities. I am currently looking into getting my BA degree abroad, because experience abroad just teaches you so much!

In my previous blog post I mentioned budgeting. I still live at home which is a big chunk saved, and I spend money on transportation and food mostly. If you want to study abroad and get your degree there is also a new student targeted travel group called StudentUniverse that focuses on affordable student travel. If you need assistance with creating a DIY Education plan (abroad or here) e-mail me!

For my summer abroad adventure I fundraised, went with a purpose, and couchsurfed! All together I spend about $2,300. That included airfare, meals, board, film equipment, and souvenirs! Many students are realizing that we are becoming a more globalized world, it would be a disadvantage NOT to study abroad. Learn from others, create memories, and practice DIYing your life.



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