Still figuring it out – the documentary, teaching, zines, and all I do

After searching for videos to post for work on AERO, I stumbled across Tavi Gevinson’s Tedx talk on still figuring it out. Being a long-time  fan of her teen girl blog Rookie and how it’s totally zine, DIY, and real (rather … Continue reading

Autodidactic Opportunities – The UnCollege Fellowship

Yesterday morning I received notice of my TESOL exam.

I Passed!

It took about 5 months of hardcore studying, note-taking, and review. But it was absolutely worth it. It was completely self-taught, no tutor support or anything. So I’m a certified TESOL teacher now! Can’t wait to create lessons for students.

I definitely recommend it to those driven people that are ready take on the world…

Speaking of which! There’s a great opportunity that if voted on will become a reality – The UnCollege Fellowship. Currently it’s on GOODmaker and in the running for a project that can (and should) happen.

You can find out more information about it here.

TESOL and Travel Hacking

I uploaded this last night, but this morning I received notice that I passed my TESOL exam! I will be getting my certificate in two weeks and now it’s just up to me to create lessons for students while in China. So excited!

Hope you’re all living a Bella Vie!

Starting things and doing what you say you will do

Having a network of like-minded individuals is great. Not only is there an abundance of resources and support, but a lot of the time there will be kernels of media that just remind me that this is what I want … Continue reading

Things that they don’t teach in schools

This conversation has been brought up many times since I began researching educational methods and studying for my TESOL certification. There’s a distinction between general education (the classics in literature, basic mathematical skills, history, etc.) and life learning. Is it … Continue reading