Why You Need to Start Now by Nadia Chaudhry

If you had a grenade in your hand and pulled the pin, what would you do with it? Would you keep holding it? No, unless you’d like to have you hand blown off? Yeah, didn’t think so. Would you have any hesitation at all to throw it? Absolutely not, again because you don’t want your hand to be blown off. So tell me, why do you hold onto your ideas when holding onto them gives you just as little as a blown off hand?

It’s time to get serious and start getting stuff done. The only way to do that is starting right now. Let’s change the way you think of your ideas.

We all have that one juicy idea, that one thing that we’re hoping is going to make us a whole bunch of moo-lah and catapult us into stardom and success. Well, let me tell you something. Most people don’t get rich with just an idea. In fact, people usually go through a few ideas before they reach a successful one. Hate to burst your bubble, but ideas aren’t worth anything. That great idea you have, it’s zilch, zip, nada, nothing. However, if you act on that idea, then it can be worth something. I can give you a way out of the madness by creating a little insanity. Don’t think of your ideas as ideas

Start thinking of your ideas as a grenade

Get the grenade. Get an idea, it doesn’t have to super developed. In fact, it shouldn’t be super developed at all. Think of a solider reaching for his grenade, how much foresight does he have before he throws it? Not very much, because he’s acting on instinct based on the circumstances around him. He just tears it off his belt. Do that with your idea. Imagine you’re in a war zone and yank that idea into a basic form. This means deciding what you want to do.

Have that grenade in your hand and pull the pin. When a solider pulls a grenade off his belt, he’s almost immediately ready to bite off that pin. Immediately take action on the idea! This gets the ball rolling.

Let go of the grenade! Throw it out into the world and let it do its thing. Watch for the reaction. Now, reach for another grenade.

I held a live grenade for 6 months

I got a secret. I didn’t use this tactic with the launch my blog, NadiaChaudhry.com and I regret it so much. It took me 6 months to decide to pull the grenade off my belt. I pulled the pin and wait another 6 months before actually throwing it. Now, imagine if it’d really had been a grenade, I’d be blown to bits!

Now, I’ve learned to treat my ideas as grenades, to just pop that pin and throw it! You learn way more from experience than twiddling your thumbs like a school girl!

Here are some actionable tips to help you:

  1. Start quickly and start cheaply. It’s possible. If you sorta, kinda want to start blogging…? Just do it! Start off by trying a WordPress.com site. Now, do it. It’s free. If you want to sell your crafts, try Etsy. Business come in all shapes and sizes, figure out which method can get you up and at ‘em this week!
  1. Get an accountability group. Get 3-4 close friends and let them know EXACTLY what you’re up to. As humans, we care about what people say to some degree, so use that to your advantage and get the power of guilt working for you. I’ve done this and my productivity has skyrocketed. Specifically, tell them your plans and give them a solid deadline. For example, I’ve told my accountability group that my new free action e-book on starting a business online is coming out December 6thGiving yourself a deadline is when you pull the pin on your grenade. Brag and boost about what you’re going to do, because if you don’t, you’ll look like a tool and it’ll blow up in your face.
  1. Create a time chart. I have a time chart in excel with these columns: “What I Did,” “Time I Spent,” “What I got out of it,” and “What it meant.” This shows me whether or not my action steps are giving me the results I want or just time wasters. So, if you’re constantly brainstorming, record exactly how much time you’re spending (or wasting) only thinking about it. No matter how much time you spend thinking, it won’t GET you anywhere. It should be an eye opener!

Now over to you, imagine your idea as a grenade. Tell me, in the comments: What’s that great idea you have? Decide to pull the pin and throw the grenade. Come up with 3 things you can do today to get it out into the world. Who knows what can happen? I’ll reply back and give you advice/references!

Nadia Chaudhry is a clever and mischievous freelance writer and entrepreneur dedicated to female solopreneurs.  She holds secret powers to amping up a business’ personality through storytelling. She also re- kindles love between people and their long-forgotten or hidden dreams turning them into an inspiring and bold business. Click here to subscribe. Oh and she loves a game of dare or DARE, check it out.


What the heck am I supposed to do with my life?!?

It’s that time of year, students have returned to classes, the mid-drifting begins from

I’m going to rock this year! I’ve got all my supplies, I’ve got my organizer, bring it!


I hate this class. Maybe I want to switch my major? But I’m paying for this… What do I really like to do.. ahhhh!

*Enters rabbit hole of no answers*

My favorite vlogger made an amazing video that sums up what I have learned. After having many breakdowns along the way – and still figuring things out – I’ve come to a level of relative contentment after watching it.

Why are we asked what to do for the rest of our lives when life is not something that can be so easily planned out? What if you like one thing but not the other? What if you thought you liked something, but after having some experience doing the actual work… was it what you imagined? Maybe, maybe not.

But don’t settle. Keep your options open and surround yourself with people that will support you, and create stuff. I’m currently working at 3 different places – I am learning a lot about myself, and about what kind of work environment I like.

I feel like I can’t be working for somebody else on their projects. I have to have my projects – speaking of which big things are in store! Pun intended. I’ve moved my bigcartel store to Etsy where I have my zines but I’m in the process of book writing. Yes, I know – one at a time. But I’ll update you more on that soon. I’ll be having a pre-order soon for independent copies and what exactly it will entail.

Hope you’re all living a BellaVie!

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Perfection and Self-Education: A guest post by Tara Subramaniam

Perfection. It’s the unattainable. It’s what counselors tell children to shy away from.Image “Nobody’s perfect,” they say, “And who cares (about perfection)?” The answer is, apparently our society. In a world where children face a deluge of information from a variety of sources,  the quest to be perfect is omnipresent and never ending. Parents and teachers alike blame image skews on the media. But no one has stopped to examine the institution where children spend the majority of their waking hours: school.

Our venerable school halls are hotbeds of this pressure to be perfect. Adorning school walls are the best art pieces, the A papers, and photographs of the “most involved,” “highest academic achieving,” “sportiest,” and the est-iest students. They earn a place on the wall as a reward for striving to be perfect.  Yet the same people who unconsciously uphold this desire for perfection, are the ones publicly trashing the very same idea. How ironic?

Wouldn’t it be cool if students could be applauded for failing then getting back up and improving? What if the art showcase contained before and afters, highlighting the most improved? Even that’s not perfect, but it’s a start.

Along the highways, I’ve often seen warning signs declaring, Caution: Work in Progress. What if schools adopted this mindset? We are works in progress, incomplete, imperfect and amazing. Even if one somehow reaches the status of perfect and achieves the honor of appearing on the hallowed school halls, the journey is still not over. Learning doesn’t stop, and people don’t stop learning (even subconsciously), once they’ve hit this “perfect” bar.

Perfection then is really fickle. Being perfect is truly unattainable, because once a certain level of perfection is reached there’s always more that can be done. So why don’t we keep striving for greatness and realize that perfect is a label we don’t need?

Teachers, parents and all members of the adult persuasion should be awakened to realize that they said it best. “Nobody’s Perfect.” And perfection is irrelevant. We don’t need perfection to be happy and successful. Education should help students be able to stand tall and proudly announce that they are imperfect, constantly learning and above all, a work in progress.

But what if someone were to say, “Sure, Nobody’s Perfect. Does that mean I shouldn’t try?” As a student chock full of raging emotions, this question really speaks to me. Sometimes, it feel like the nicest and simplest thing to do would be to quit. I mean, if you can’t have it why try, right? However, every time my mind drops to this plane, I think back to what my tennis coach once told me. Even if you’re down 1 set and down 0-5 in the second, don’t give up. If you grit your teeth and stick with it, you’ve already won a huge battle. By saying to yourself, I CAN do this, much has already been accomplished. Embodying this can-do attitude, Nike stole the hearts and minds of the world with its tried and true saying, “Just Do it!” And why not? Even if the results and actions seem futile, who knows? Maybe all the effort will pay off and you’ll reach a higher level of greatness. Not perfection, but greater greatness. Don’t let the fact that the mountain has no peak stop you, just keep climbing. And maybe someday, you’ll look down and see how far you’ve come.

Life’s a journey, we’re always improving. So why shouldn’t our schools mimic this? Shouldn’t our schools help us see that perfect is overrated? That hard work and dedication are where it’s at?

When will you start your climb on the journey of a lifetime? It only takes one step to start an adventure. And what are we waiting for? Let’s go get the schools on board. On your mark, get set, GO.

About: As the result of a good and expository education thus far, Tara is passionate about making school a place where all students love learning. She’s a student who loves all things foreign and almost never stops talking. She tweets at @tara_supersub, blogs at itsallaboutthejourney97.wordpress.com and is starting a student-run, student voice education blog 

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