AERO Media Partnership

For a few of my blog followers and networked friends have known that I did social media volunteer work for AERO before leaving for China. What is AERO? The Alternative Education Resource Organization A wonderful organization that share resources and … Continue reading

Melody talks on PBS about the Global Education Partnership

Melody talks a bit more in an exclusive interview about what we will be doing in China with the Global Education Partnership. Inspiring students, cultural exchanges, and connecting with fellow human beings. That’s what education is about, the connections.

After reading the books from AERO, I realized how much the connections with students matter. Look out for a few book reviews I will have posted up soon.

I will also be contributing to a few alternative education magazines in the upcoming month which is quite exciting! The voices are getting louder, and the education model that has been here for ages is not what it used to be. With all of the globalization and and intercultural relations it is of paramount importance to change with the times.

Hope you are all living a BellaVie!

The alternative education route

Joining the UnCollege movement has really opened my eyes to the many resources that are available to people, students, and life learners. I’m currently working with The Alternative Education Resource Organization after checking out their site and sharing my story.

I could possible by speaking at the A.E.R.O. conference in Portland at the beginning of August. From China, of course, I was seriously debating coming back early because… it’s Portland! All the creative people live there. And also, the conference sounds like a great opportunity to share ideas and possibly get more volunteers for the Global Education Partnership. Actually getting people up and moving, that’s what it’s about. Do more than exist is not just a cute little saying – it’s something that really is the driving force for projects.

This is why The BellaVie promotes that ideal – if anyone has an idea that gets others to contribute and decrease world suck (yes, I did just quote the Vlogbrothers) they are using the phrase “Do More Than Exist.” A.E.R.O. has been a stepping stone in realizing that there are other like-minded people that believe in shifting educational paradigms. It’s full of resources, book reviews, and accounts of unschoolers and fellow uncollegians like myself. Take your education into your own hands. We have more resources available to us today than we did when the model of education was started back in the day.


Fundraisers and Film School

The fundraiser is this Friday (aaah!). I’m bringing my shirts, buttons, zines, and my friends have made bows and and organic bath bombs for the cause. There will be music by nerdfighters, poetry readings by students, and an explanation as to what The BellaVie Documentary will consist of. Also, Vanilla Video will be there to film the event as well!

My to-do list has expanded this week because I got some editing jobs and a new position to help with the Alternative Education Resource Organization! I’m helping in the video and social media department. Since jointing UnCollege I’ve learned so much on my own and sharing resources felt like the most natural thing to do. So expect a new shared video on the A.E.R.O. website from me. Whether it may be a PBS special on Emotional Intelligence to my favorite Ken Robinson speech about education; I will put it up for people to discover. I’ve also got a special piece to write for K.H.L.O.E. magazine. Also, for magazines and zines in general have you checked out RookieMag? It’s fab – talking about young awesome people.

Second semester classes have begun and a few days ago in my film history class we watched the first ever documentary: Nanook of the North directed by Robert Flaherty in 1922. How cool is that? Documentary films capture a bit of the lifestyles and spirit of a time. What kind of documentarian would I be if I would not have seen the first documentary ever made?

Also, I’ve gained a much deeper appreciation for silent B&W films. Especially  Charlie Chaplin – in both “The Kid” and “The Circus.” I still have yet to see The Dictator,” but the speech that he made in that was so moving. Even though I’m not into the whole making movies and Hollywood dealio, I do believe that storytelling and imagery together can change lives. This is why I focus on writing and filmmaking. I’m still learning a lot (and have much to learn, I’m not anywhere near having my own style with film) and want to figure out all of the software out there. Also having more control over the lenses and such would be lovely. My friend Miten Soni knows how much I geek out about DSLRs.

Another major thing on my to-do list is creating a new Chinese e-mail and having my gmail forward the messages to that one. Also, create my airplane playlist with Jacky Saucedo (who illustrated the awesome flyer for the fundraiser) for dancing on the plane to China. Suggestions are welcome.

Hope you are all living a Bella Vie!