What the heck am I supposed to do with my life?!?

It’s that time of year, students have returned to classes, the mid-drifting begins from

I’m going to rock this year! I’ve got all my supplies, I’ve got my organizer, bring it!


I hate this class. Maybe I want to switch my major? But I’m paying for this… What do I really like to do.. ahhhh!

*Enters rabbit hole of no answers*

My favorite vlogger made an amazing video that sums up what I have learned. After having many breakdowns along the way – and still figuring things out – I’ve come to a level of relative contentment after watching it.

Why are we asked what to do for the rest of our lives when life is not something that can be so easily planned out? What if you like one thing but not the other? What if you thought you liked something, but after having some experience doing the actual work… was it what you imagined? Maybe, maybe not.

But don’t settle. Keep your options open and surround yourself with people that will support you, and create stuff. I’m currently working at 3 different places – I am learning a lot about myself, and about what kind of work environment I like.

I feel like I can’t be working for somebody else on their projects. I have to have my projects – speaking of which big things are in store! Pun intended. I’ve moved my bigcartel store to Etsy where I have my zines but I’m in the process of book writing. Yes, I know – one at a time. But I’ll update you more on that soon. I’ll be having a pre-order soon for independent copies and what exactly it will entail.

Hope you’re all living a BellaVie!


What is Experiential Learning and Where can I Learn that Way?

Hello fellow learner,

Happy Monday! I hope that this start of the week is beginning well in your learning adventures. Today I have  schedule set on learning more about videography (through vimeo), herbalism, and holistic health (through work and library books).  However, I wanted to share some experiential learning opportunities tips and resources because I feel that learning by doing is one of the greatest ways an individual can learn.

What is experiential learning?

It is literally what it sounds like! Learning from experience. Today in school we read about history, social issues, but what really makes a difference is when we are there fully using all of our senses. Sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing! 

You can see an actual diagram of this process through David Kolb‘s Cycle of Experiential learning. Through an actual concrete experience, we consciously observe it and reflect. It is a continual process, and in our time post-experience we have time to create an abstract conceptualization in our minds through this experience, and afterwards (because all of our senses have been part of the original experience) we actively experiment and create our own way and understanding of doing things.

Why is this a great way of learning?

According to Keuka College:

  • It gives students confidence in whatever field they happened to be learning about
  • For students that would like to be employed in certain jobs, it gives them a competitive advantage over students that have just “studied” the subject

Of course in a traditional school setting there are different requirements that need to be met – journals, classroom discussions, and papers – which can definitely be helpful in completely absorbing the information. However, when these things become the main goal of the classroom rather than the material itself students tend to get bored and see it as a chore.

How can you get some experiential learning opportunities?

After experiencing China and teaching English there I really have the travel bug. But for people that are not interested in travel specifically there are many experiential opportunities. 

These are some of the sites that I have used and stumbled upon for experiential learning opportunities. There are more on my resources page above. Experiential learning can be as local as connecting with a business owner in your community and offering some of your time, while learning a craft. To flying halfway across the world to get actual teaching experience.

Hope you’re all living  a BellaVie!



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Legacy Leaving and Connections

So yesterday I attended Chris Guillebeau’s $100 StartUp book tour. He was stopping in Chicago so naturally I ran after work to go to the meet up. It was so inspiring to see everyone blogging, creating their own living and helping people. One of the questions that Chris writes about in his book “The Art of Non-Conformity” is:

What legacy do you want to leave? 

That question has stuck with me and perhaps I don’t feel like I have all the answers, I actually definitely know that I DON’T. But he does mention legacy building, contributing to others, and making time for freedom. Because isn’t that what we want? Connecting with others and contributing to others. For those of you that haven’t checked out his work – from travel to business… I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite authors that led me on the path of non-conformity.

I’m currently working on a project that I hope to have available for my blog readers next month. There’s been awesome questions and links shared since the documentary has been released. And I hope to expand on that.

Until next time. I hope you’re all living a BellaVie!

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Documentary Release!

Currently, at this moment, my documentary is being uploaded to Youtube. After a week of rendering troubles in and out I was so afraid that I would miss the deadline (don’t jinx me now blog post). I couldn’t make any blogs on Youtube either so my channel was quiet and so was my campaigning for everything.

I had to mess around with some things to make editing work. Just so you all know I didn’t use any fancy bells or whistles as I had hoped because I’m currently not in school able to have access to Final Cut. But, for iMovie and my DSLR and research that I did I’m pretty proud of it.

A little preview:

  • It’s like a really fancy thoughts from places vlog
  • There are some Skype Interviews as well as in person interviews
  • Everytime I would edit the part with the students I would always miss them
  • If I included every single resource I have found for alternative paths – iMovie would crash (unfortunately)

Hope that you enjoy it and maybe get some ideas about what paths you may want to take!

Hope you’re all living a BellaVie!

University of the People says “free higher education for all!”

Always keeping tabs on higher education tags and resources I came across something that blew me out of the water. It’s called University of the People, sounds quite nice doesn’t it? Currently they offer a Master’s and Associate’s degree in Computer Science and Business management. They have students from all over the world and are working on their accreditation.

But the opportunity to connect with professors from all over the world sounds quite exciting, and getting a bachelor’s degree for free at the same time with networking availabilities? Sounds like an exciting opportunity. You can check out this article from the New York Times with a little more of the backstory of UoPeople. And you can check out their website here.

Hope you’re all living a BellaVie!