Letter Writing, Craft Fairs, and Nerds


Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity of attending the Renegade Craft Fair and I connected with some great organizations and independent businesses. It’s so exciting to see that despite big business and corporations looking like they have a monopoly on most goods, there are lots of creative and independent people stepping out and creating their own business venture.

I especially connected with The Letter Writer’s Alliance. One of the founders, Donovan Beeson, was even interviewed by the BBC on the art of letter writing. In the West where most people have a computer and can instantly type, click, and send and e-mail… Why snail mail?

I’ve been writing letters since freshman year of high school, back in the day when I discovered PenPal Party and I was looking for a French penpal to speak French with. Needless to say I found one and we corresponded, she visited a few times, and my French grade was very high during school.

But I also got involved with making zines and sending letters out to people mentioning my documentary. A lot of people ask me “Where do you find all these resources?” Snail mail has been a great help, as well as my social media. Tumblr, Facebook, Facebook Groups especially. But with some of the people I’ve corresponded with I’ve learned so much. I decided to join The Letter Writer’s Alliance because, yes, receiving an e-mail from an interesting person is cool, but an actual handwritten letter by someone across the globe? Someone that has different experiences and connections from you… It’s eye opening. That was also one of the ways I promoted my documentary. For a first mini marketing campaign it was great fun putting together letters with buttons, zines, and information.

I met up with the Chicago Nerdfighters after a long summer of not seeing them. And after not going to school this fall because of paperwork troubles, I’m taking advantage of every opportunity I get for gatherings and events. Sign up for The BellaVie Newsletter for updates on upcoming autodidactic events. Since the documentary has been released I’ve had many questions about opportunities and books to read. This upcoming week will be focused on just that. I’m working on a special consulting project that I hope will help students get some more clarity in the right direction.

Hope you’re all living a BellaVie!




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