Documentary Release!

Currently, at this moment, my documentary is being uploaded to Youtube. After a week of rendering troubles in and out I was so afraid that I would miss the deadline (don’t jinx me now blog post). I couldn’t make any blogs on Youtube either so my channel was quiet and so was my campaigning for everything.

I had to mess around with some things to make editing work. Just so you all know I didn’t use any fancy bells or whistles as I had hoped because I’m currently not in school able to have access to Final Cut. But, for iMovie and my DSLR and research that I did I’m pretty proud of it.

A little preview:

  • It’s like a really fancy thoughts from places vlog
  • There are some Skype Interviews as well as in person interviews
  • Everytime I would edit the part with the students I would always miss them
  • If I included every single resource I have found for alternative paths – iMovie would crash (unfortunately)

Hope that you enjoy it and maybe get some ideas about what paths you may want to take!

Hope you’re all living a BellaVie!



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