A Healthy Opportunity

Hope you’ve had a great start to your week! I have. With the extra time not enrolled in school, I’ve had time to create my own curriculum and focus on a new business venture!

Last year, I had the intention of taking a herbalism class with an emphasis in holistic living. That includes diet, preventative medicine, and self-development. Well I have registered for that class through Etsy! Why this path?

Well a few years ago I went through a really tough time with anxiety and depression. It was only after I changed my diet, exercised, and really changed my whole lifestyle that I came out of that season of my life. So every time there was a ailment, or someone was sick I would find a remedy for that. Also, another reason, and this one is more prevalent to the political debates of today.

I have no health insurance. Yes, I can complain and make this all political… However, what can I actually do about it? That’s where this opportunity came in.

So preventing illness is something I advocate for, and using things around the house, and changing your diet may be difficult, but in the long run the benefits outweigh the effort. It becomes a habit.

So for anyone interested in this certification course, I’ve got a special deal of 15% off from the lovely store owner. This works for anything in the store as well. Use the coupon code: herbs225 and you can get 15% off your purchase. I’ve partnered up with Good Earth Living because, not only is it an independently owned shop, it empowers people to be responsible for their health. And afterbeing in China, experiencing Chinese medicine… I’ve got lots more plans in store!

Hope you’re all living a BellaVie


2 thoughts on “A Healthy Opportunity

    • Anum you can do it! We can actually start it together. I already bought a little book on DIY cleaning, housekeeping, and herbal remedies. It’s an awesome zine I can send your way if you like. I’m really looking forward to the class.


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