David Mansaray: Philomath and Self-Directed Learner

I had the opportunity of speaking to David Mansaray, a self-proclaimed “philomath,” or lover of life-long learner. He had some wonderful advice and direction for people that may be dipping their toes into the world of self-directed learning.
Mr. Mansaray is currently living in London and decided to pursue media, English, ICT, and communications. However, afterwards he took a different direction by studying media production and finally film school for one year.
However, film school seemed to be more theoretical than than applicable. So he took a year off and for some reason decided to go to the library nearly every day and study things he wanted to learn because he was still not sure what he wanted to do in his life. From accounting to philosophy and everything in between, he realized he really loved learning! Subjects that seemed boring before, were intriguing because of the freedom to choose the pace and subjects being learned.
Eventually David went back to university on the advice that you cannot get anywhere without a degree. He studied linguistics and anthropology, because fell in love with language and he loved to talk and meet new people. Understanding languages and people is something that he was really passionate about, so it seemed like the right thing to study.
When in class, he realized that a lot of the things being discussed easily could have been taught himself. The discussions were interesting, but the money and debt was not really worth the trouble. Realizing over time the educational structure was not really for him, he stepped out and is now working as a freelance photographer and videographer to support himself.
Being the eclectic learner that he is, David is chronicling his “Self-Education Project” via his blog at davidmansaray.com. Through social media, books, and mentors he is learning things on his own and sharing the tools and advice with others as well. Keep an eye out for his Big Self-Education Project available on his blog.
Hope you’re all living a BellaVie!


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