How My Skillshare Class Has Already Taught Me So Much

It’s a Monday night. I’ve just come back with meeting some old friends and discussing how

community college’s negative stigma is BS (another post, another time). But since I’m not attending

school this fall, because of paperwork issues, I’ve decided to fully Uncollege myself. At least for a semester. So, I received this e-mail from Skillshare that Hybrid classes were being offered. Half online, half in person, and it’s really at your own pace. 

Using tools like

  • Livestreams
  • Dropbox platforms
  • Classroom forum
  • Appealing design

is making the whole process really enjoyable. The class is hosted by the founder of Skillshare, and it was free for the 

first few that joined. Immediately I signed up, and we’re basically working on a tangible product that would be in a business. I’m not giving too much away, but we have assignments for this 5 week class and they are really hands on. People collaborate from all over the world and share local, and global resources. 

How’s that for the world is your classroom? And not only does Skillshare offer classes online, but you can teach a class online or in person now too! One of the many new resources that are appearing with the hiking tuition costs of universities. Tailoring your education – really to your needs, and making  tangible real world project in the process? Sounds like my cup of tea.

Hope you’re all living a BellaVie!


One thought on “How My Skillshare Class Has Already Taught Me So Much

  1. Really wanted to join one of these hybrid classes, but there are no “in-person” classes anywhere close to me? 😦 come to Canada, Skillshare!


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