The $100 Start-Up: A manual for micro-business

I just finished The $100 Start-Up by Chris Guillebeau yesterday. After extensive note-taking, brain-storming (and pooting) I’ve gotten a better handle on the direction my own little micro-business ventures will continue on.

It was a great read, with lots of anecdotes of real-life mini-entrepreneurs, digital nomads, consultants, and many other creative individuals.

If you are stuck within the job search, cold-calls, and resume building – and perhaps want to give a go in using your talent + business savvy the $100 Start-Up is the manual that I know I will use as reference time and time again. From target audience, to indie market research, and also authentic customer connections… there’s nothing more I dislike than feeling inauthentic regarding business. And yes, that may be an oxymoron. But I don’t think business has to be that cold and inauthentic identity. Perhaps I’m being too idealistic, but looking at business models like Threadless and Etsy – the  connection with the individual artist is what is really exciting. You’re also helping out individuals that may just be starting out. So it’s like a win-win all around.

After just dipping my toes into corporate work, I won’t say I totally dislike it. It’s very structured, organized, and efficient. However, I really have my heart set on those little renegade crafters, indie journalists, and DIY Zinesters that make individual connections a big part of their work. That’s partially why I didn’t ask for a corporate sponsorship for my first documentary (despite the smart advice urging me to!), I want to see how far the indie path can stretch. With all these resources and support around me – I’m enjoying the journey so far.

I’m updating the resources section of my site for you guys, look for some more alternative education resources, as well as fellowships, internships, jobs, mentoring programs, and gap year plans. Thought it would help out more people, rather than just spamming my Facebook page with things.



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