Flying For the First Time (Boston)

So I flew for the first time on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was on Spirit Airlines, it seemed inevitable with the research I was doing on frequent flyer programs that I should fly soon. Also, my parents wanted to make sure I wouldn’t have a panic attack on the 14 hour flight to Shanghai next Sunday. Because, you know, you’re floating in the sky…

It was absolutely fantastic, you soar up into the sky. Clouds look like white mountains, you float – but it doesn’t feel like floating. I know millions of people fly every day, especially people that are travel hackers, but it was my first flight since I was a baby. I had my nose pressed up to the window maybe 80% of the time, and then I remember I had work to do. I brought my laptop, “Steve,” aboard with me and finished editing some photos for work as well as

writing up some projects for a super secret opportunity I will share later.

I flew out to Boston to meet with my best friend Melody Liu, who I’ll be staying with in China. We discussed the documentary, education, and I got to meet some of the fantastic faculty that were featured in our dream collection for YEMS video.  I’ve also finished up a book review  project for AERO.

I will be speaking at the conference, doing a Q and A regarding my documentary but also different experiences and resources I have found so far. And after working for AERO, I’ve discovered and learned so much about unschooling, various educational methods, and alternative schools. Self-directed learning in general is what I really like. And books… lots and lots of books.

Hope you’re all living a BellaVie!


2 thoughts on “Flying For the First Time (Boston)

  1. Isabelle,
    I am so inspired by you taking the leap to fly for the first time. My wife and I fly a lot and she has told me that for her, one glass of wine helps take the edge off. Don’t know if you are a wine drinker but maybe try it out :). Happy travels, looking forward to reading about your future world travels!

    • Thanks! It was wonderful, I could live on a plane. I thought I would be a bit more nervous, but I didn’t want to come down. 🙂


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