Interview with Filmmaker Kat Brooks – Life, Film, and Technology

On your site you have a variety of different skills available from
Reiki to filmmaking to other creative things. How did you start out? 
I quit high school when I was 16 and ran away to Los Angeles. I feel like everything I have learned on the streets and in my life has given me the ability to tell good stories.
What got you interested in filmmaking?
I was obsessed with movies when I was growing up. Being an only child, growing up in the middle of nowhere…I had nothing else to do. I would escape through movies, feel through movies and ultimatley learn a lot of life lessons through them.

What were some of the challenges you faced?
What challenges didn’t I face and what challenges do I not face every day? Every day it’s a tough industry to be in…but I can’t complain because I’m doing what I love. I think getting your films financed and distributed will always be the hardest but to crack.
Advice to your former self?
Just keep swimming.

What advice do you give women filmmakers?
Don’t think of yourself as a woman…think of yourself as a filmmaker only.

How are you using social media? Any tips?

I use it to promote my work and connect with people that have similar interests to me. I think it’s a great networking tool.

How did you get into working and sustaining yourself as filmmaker?
I worked as an intern at MTV and slowly worked my way up to be an assistant camera person. From there I became a camera operator and then finally was given the chance to direct after an Executive saw a short film I had made.

Final words?
No just means they don’t understand.
You can check out Kat Brooks’ new Kickstarter campaign for Face 2 Face – a documentary on real life connections despite all of the technological social connections of today.


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