3 Ways to Get a Job Using Social Media

Most of the jobs, all except one, I’ve gotten by using social media effectively. But it is not just a matter of how to get a job, it’s really about what you can contribute to others. When I gave a presentation on this subject for a small class at  the library everyone really wanted know, “How can I get a job?”

It’s something that is on the minds of many of my friends. The world is changing, start-ups are the new thing, and social media is permeating our lives. So how does one adapt?

  1. Rethink how you use your social media

Are you posting what you ate, that you’re taking a shower, or just broke up with your partner (whine whine). People that post boring things tend to be boring people. This was a quote I got from someone’s insightful post on Facebook. Too many times (and myself included) I would whine, complain, or just share something silly. After seeing some interesting articles and allotting my time to things I wanted to focus on, I started using Facebook as a sort of Pinterest of interesting opportunities or inspiring things.

2.   Follow people you admire and are doing what you love

These people will share their projects and tools that have helped them. So use your twitter for those updates. Which can be much more useful than the updates of “I’m bored, text it.” You never know what job offerings they may post (that’s actually how I got a job!)

3. Refer your friends to useful articles (like this one!) not just cats

I find so many interesting things and even opportunities for others online that it’s become a habit to share them others. There’s a tagging option on Facebook and Twitter for a reason. It’s about contributing to others, the payment comes back.



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