The $100 Start-Up and Business Ventures

So, I did mention this in my latest video blog… but it arrived in the mail this past weekend. Yes, Chris Guillebeau’s book about starting up businesses and micro-entrepreneurship has arrived! I’ve already devoured half of it, full of anecdotes, step-by-step ideas, and really learning to trust yourself is what it’s all about. But don’t take my word for it, I’m not giving it all away!

I’ve already joined the Travel Hacking Cartel, and learned so much about frequent flyer programs and travel. His latest blog post basically explains travel, business, and the book tour he will be going on.

This morning I had the chance to meet with a former student turned entrepreneur as well, so all of the business talk is buzzing through my mind. Keep a look out for the interview this week.

Hope you’re all living a Bella Vie!


3 thoughts on “The $100 Start-Up and Business Ventures

  1. just learnt about your blog isabelle!!! woohoo! i have a blog, too but it’s just to get out of my writing block/rut, and to keep my dad updated about my life.. XD hope you are well!

    • Will check out your blog! All is well, that journaling zine you sent my way was fantastic. Thanks for following my blog 😀


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