Joining a travel hacking cartel

I promised myself, post-TESOL exam, that I would join Chris Guillebeau’s Travel Hacking Cartel. I have mentioned travel hacking in a previous post before – a world filled with frequent flyer miles, looking at fine print, and loads of rewards programs. And that’s just me putting my toes in this ocean of information.

For those that still have no idea what I’m talking about, this 12 minute intro documentary from PBS’ Frontline is a great introduction on how you can get free round the world 1st class tickets on airplanes. No, I’m not joking.

You can watch it here.

For those of you still curious, there’s a promotion going on right now in the travel hacking cartel. A 14-Day $1 trial to explore, learn, and get some points towards miles. You have to use this link here. I’ve already registered half of my flight to China with a frequent flyer program.

I must warn you though, this is not for the impatient and faint of heart. It’s quite the challenge to stay on top of points, rewards programs, and codes. But if you work at it – really read all the programs, have patience, etc. There are rewards to be earned.

Hope you are all living a BellaVie!



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