Immersing in indie education

After joining the UnCollege Movement, I’ve gotten many more opportunities to actively participate in various alternative education resources. I’ve also connected with some really inspiring and driven people that have lead me to look at the whole education system in a new light.

I’m currently doing some social media work for the Alternative Education Resource Organization. There will be a conference in August with many keynote speakers including Patch Adams and Sir Ken Robinson! If you have not seen Sir Ken Robinson’s speech about the current educational system do watch it here.

I’ve currently just finished my review of Teaching as if Life Matters for A.E.R.O and found that there is a more holistic and “creating the right space” for teachers. I’ve had some wonderful teachers that have influenced me into what I currently do today. So do not let what I say about teachers and schools mean that I am bashing teachers – further from the truth. I’m concerned more with the system of things that are not conducive to creative, innovative, and questioning human beings.

I feel that I have learned more on my own this last year -both in and out of community college classes – than I have at all of the public and private schools I have attended (which are about 6 schools all together). And it is refreshing. Being an autodidact and taking education into your own hands has finally been a wake up call to the best way I have learned.

It has also helps that the community of Nerdfighteria, which is totally made of awesome and curiosity exists. I’ve embraced my curiosity and it has lead me to learn about life, the world, current events, education, finance, and real life skills. I also enjoy doing homework. Fathom that.



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