Clothes, Clothes, and… more clothes???

Today I decluttered my closet. It was abnormally warm (80 degrees in March?!) so some Spring cleaning was in order. I had so many shirts, pants, sweaters, and things I really did not need – or they simply did not fit as nicely as I wanted them to.

In the mornings I would usually have an outfit prepared, but not until I would scrounge around 70% of tops or pants I simply would not wear. Style-wise they just were not my thing anymore, or they would not fit, or the weather was not appropriate. I also was noticing that I was falling back into wearing more neutrals and blacks.

Time for some changing!

I, with the help of my mother, literally made a pile of clothes I simply did not wear anymore. No second thoughts, no attachments, just “will you wear this, or not?” And 70% of the time they ended up in the pile.

What to do with the mountain of clothes?

So I had this pile of clothes in the middle of my bedroom, I wasn’t just going to throw them out – that’s the easy thing to do. Instead we went to a local resale shop (3 bags of clothes in tow) and saw if we could get some store credit or cash. Out of the mountain – they took 3 items and I got around $9.00.

We still had 3 full bags of clothing, so we headed out to those little clothing donation boxes (think Penny and Bernadette in Big Bang Theory stealing from the giant clothing donations box) near home and dropped off the clothes.Coming back home to a closet half empty, with only essentials – and things I know I’m going to wear – was not only refreshing, but it felt like the minimalist mindset is taking over. Hopefully soon I can get to a point where all of my belongings can fit in big luggage and I won’t worry so much about the little attachments. There’s more room in my

closet, but now there’s more room for space.

And… I like space.

Hope you’re all living a BellaVie!


2 thoughts on “Clothes, Clothes, and… more clothes???

  1. I totally agree, it’s an excellent and refreshing move to just be clear with your wardrobe and decide what you’re going to wear or not and keep any special pieces, the rest can go to charity, re-sale or recycling. Even just a little bit of space cleared can feel like a breath of fresh air in your living space and helps your mind feel decluttered too.

  2. I’ve got a ton of old clothes that I don’t wear anymore, for one reason or another. Right now they’re being stored in my back room, but once the weather gets a little warmer and I get a couple of storage bins, I’m going to go through them and figure out what I can donate, what I want to keep for the material, and what’s so worn that it’s really only good for scraps, rags, or stuffing. I used to hate spring cleaning, but I’m actually looking forward to it so that I can tackle that project!


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