Welcoming George, Artists, and Zines

This weekend was wonderful – it involved taking out the new camera (George, a Canon 60D) out for a spin, macaroons, trains, zines, and meeting artists. For anyone that is just getting into zines I do suggest checking out Stolen Sharpie Revolution by Alex Wrekk (who I got to meet briefly at the CZF and made my buttons!), and also Whatcha Mean What’s A Zine by Esther Watson and Mark Todd.

My friend Melody, and I, also met up with Kyle Harter – the designer behind the “Do More Than Exist” campaign and got to thank him for his awesome work. We got a few zines as well!

There were so many creative artists! From painters, to comic creators, to poets, to activists. There were so many resources for how to get started making zines as well as non-profit organizations that want to get indie artists their own space to perform, GLBTQ support organizations that make art and postcards, and workshops on distribution, creation, and everything else DIY.

My camera, who has been christened as George, is wonderful. After my search on Craigslist, Ebay, and other similar sites I got a great deal and am now immersing myself in the instruction manual, how to DSLR videos (HAVE YOU LOOKED AT VIMEO”S VIDEO SCHOOL?!), and wonderful artistic and experimental videos – discovering new artists is so exciting!

After meeting with friends, it was time to head home and I began reading my zines. And especially a lovely one about DIY sustainable living.

Hope you’re living a BellaVie




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