Penpals, Snail Mail, and Zines

Recently Nerdfighteria has shown itself to being really made of awesome, it has also shown the power that the internet and individuals collaborating really have. In less than a week a Nerdfighter Penpal group was formed and people were matched up with nerdfighters from around the world – whether it be through snail mail or e-mail.

The enthusiasm and collaboration through document manipulation and creativity in making envelopes and cool things to each other was wonderful. I am more thankful that I got a P.O. Box!

There’s something special about receiving snail-mail and zines. They were handmade and just for you. The individual put time to craft the art. I’ve completely delved into the zine and diy community and wish I did sooner. Through joining this community but also being a long time snail-mailer I’ve learned a lot about shipping, posting, and even online business. Things that I would have not been able to learn unless I would have DONE it. It’s experiential learning.

Also, the learning that I receive from people around the world sharing their stories about a typical day – be it Sweden, France, or Egypt – is so exciting! The world is your classroom go out there and learn, teach, inspire!

Hope you’re all living a BellaVie!


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