Rejection and chugging on

I count myself as very blessed and lucky that I am able to learn on my own, and focus on writing and film. Today I reached one of the first things writer’s receive. I should be disappointed (only a little), but I received my first rejection letter from a children’s writing magazine. I sent the article over to the editors with my query letter and everything. Finally received my SASE with my writing and a handwritten note by the editors.

The article was well-written but did not meet their current editorial needs. All the books I’ve read about becoming a freelancer, all the authors talk about their rejection letters. I’ve greatly improved my writing since I last sent in the article. But it’s my first freelance (non-blog or internet writing) piece that I sent in. I’ve really benefitted from the correspondence course I’ve taken from The Institute of Children’s Literature. Learning about query letters and finding your niche markets. It’s quite exciting.

And like I said before, I count myself really blessed that I have these opportunities to study and send out pieces to magazines and blogs. But this blog is about my journey into taking education into my own hands and creating things. I hope that the resources and lessons I learn through the process my help out others that feel inclined to do the same.

Hope you’re all living a BellaVie!


6 thoughts on “Rejection and chugging on

  1. I also am sorry about the rejection, but your article is inspiring to keep going. Also, all the greats have this same story to tell, so you are among some good company! 🙂

  2. Sorry about the rejection, but it sounds like a – a higher rejection…hehe. I’ve heard that when you get any kind of a note from the editor that’s a huge step forward. A handwritten note sounds like they might remember you for next time! Good luck with your submissions 🙂


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