Things that they don’t teach in schools

This conversation has been brought up many times since I began researching educational methods and studying for my TESOL certification. There’s a distinction between general education (the classics in literature, basic mathematical skills, history, etc.) and life learning. Is it up to the teacher to instill a passion for curiosity on the subject? I think so, I remember learning and being more enthusiastic about learning when the instructor was enthusiastic and excited about the subject.

Teachers are given the opportunity to make lasting impacts on students’ lives, a few of my teachers from different schools instilled a love of learning, or a curiosity for science. I remember in fourth grade we had an elaborate crime scene that we had to figure out in a week’s time. During this time we learned about team building, we had to use context clues, and we learned to work together – everyone had something to contribute! It was not just the math whizzes, or the poetic writers of the class that got to shine. It was everyone, and guess what? We all had moments of failure, insight, and collaboration. And it was okay.

The grade was not the focus, it was the life lessons and what each student got out of it that mattered. In schools the  tip top people were always  the straight-A meticulous memorizers. What about the people that have social intelligence? Creative intelligence? Collaborative intelligence? What do you do when you fail? Things that they do not teach in schools but life lessons, these are vital.

I just finished How To Make A Journal Of Your Life by D. Price, and it was another little reminder of letting the things that are important to you lead the way. Learn from mistakes and bad decisions, document your life, remember the small details that later on may have more significance later on (Like my fourth grade crime story? From an old journal I had). Life’s an adventure, and before I end with anymore cliches…

I hope you’re all living a BellaVie!



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