The alternative education route

Joining the UnCollege movement has really opened my eyes to the many resources that are available to people, students, and life learners. I’m currently working with The Alternative Education Resource Organization after checking out their site and sharing my story.

I could possible by speaking at the A.E.R.O. conference in Portland at the beginning of August. From China, of course, I was seriously debating coming back early because… it’s Portland! All the creative people live there. And also, the conference sounds like a great opportunity to share ideas and possibly get more volunteers for the Global Education Partnership. Actually getting people up and moving, that’s what it’s about. Do more than exist is not just a cute little saying – it’s something that really is the driving force for projects.

This is why The BellaVie promotes that ideal – if anyone has an idea that gets others to contribute and decrease world suck (yes, I did just quote the Vlogbrothers) they are using the phrase “Do More Than Exist.” A.E.R.O. has been a stepping stone in realizing that there are other like-minded people that believe in shifting educational paradigms. It’s full of resources, book reviews, and accounts of unschoolers and fellow uncollegians like myself. Take your education into your own hands. We have more resources available to us today than we did when the model of education was started back in the day.




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