The Chicago Zine Fest

What? You have not heard of the Chicago Zine Fest? It’s a great opportunity for self-publishers, DIY people, and artists to get together. If you’re in the Chicagoland area in March it is a definite event to check out.

Also, zines (pronounced “zeens”) are something that I have been curious about for a long time but last year I really delved into DIY and zine culture. Since I’m a big fan of Kalle Lasn’s book Culture Jam jumping into zine culture was a natural thing to do. Researching products, becoming more conscious of the world, and becoming an active part of educational research… has become natural.

So why not learn about others’ projects? Check out the Chicago Zine Fest, I’ll be bringing a few of my zines – I won’t be tabling, but I’ll be looking for trades and looking for new methods of binding, crafting, and writing.

If you would like an info postcard feel free to send me an e-mail and I’ll ship one to you for free!


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