The BellaVie Fundraiser: A Week Away

The Funky Java Fundraiser – Isabelle

It’s only a week away! I’m printing out zines, organizing tee shirts, and I just got the buttons made by Alex Wrekk – author of Stolen Sharpe Revolution. I’m still looking for musicians, poets, and artists for the open mic.

It will be an afternoon of poetry, music, and sharing my story about UnCollege and going to China to create The BellaVie Project Documentary and how you can take your education into your own hands. I’ll have a list of resources and some books that are amazing reads as well.

It’s exciting to see the campaign and story grow. I’m still learning everything I can about documentary filmmaking. Currently I’m taking Film history, Film Editing, Motion Graphics, and reading some books right now on my own.

I could not have done it without the help of so many people. I hope that you can make it out to the fundraiser to make the documentary a real opportunity for students.

The documentary is not just going to be about me going to China. It’s about learning about the resources available to us for free – whether it may be an online class through Stanford or MIT, getting an internship with a production company, or starting your own little entrepreneurial ventures. This needs to get out into the world and my story is one of the many hackademics out in the world.

The resources and tools are available to us now more than ever. This is why I chose Do More Than Exist as the slogan to the BellaVie Project and the documentary.

Don’t follow the route that everyone takes. Times are changing and we need more innovators, more creatives, and more problem solvers. We saw yesterday what people all around the world are capable of doing with SOPA/PIPA legislation. We see that true Occupyers are opening dialogue and sharing resources with people that have to decide whether to pay for food or to pay for medical expenses.

People are waking up to the changing world, and my story is just one. And I want to share the journey with students. Don’t get bogged down by all the negativity, ask questions, read, and go out to create.

I can’t wait for next Friday!

Hope you are all living a BellaVie!



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