Why I Do What I Do: An Intro to The BellaVie

I think there has to be more clarity with my blog, especially for my new followers! Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I made it to

  • share my adventures in UnColleging myself.
  • share resources for other young people just getting into the “real world” (aka work, finances, self-sufficiency)
  • share inspiring things that I find helpful professionally, creatively and in different areas of life (travel hacking, alternative press, minimalism, mental health, and overall wellness)
  • share interviews with inspiring creative people whether it may be authors and travel hackers like Chris Guillebeau, or freelance ¬†animators like Rich Ramazinski.
  • document my own current projects: A documentary on my trip to China volunteering (with the Global Education Partnership) revolving around self-empowerment and resources that are out in the world for people to take hold of – The BellaVie Project

And why did I decide on the name The BellaVie? Bella was (and still is) my nickname, and what I did not know when I was little was that it means beautiful in Italian. Vie means life in French, and being the adoring francophile that I am I had to include this. So The BellaVie is the beautiful life, a life that I hope everyone can live. And I believe a beautiful life is one where you can do what you a love for a living. Check out some of the resources on here, some other blogs that I follow, and you’ll see that it is possible. My story is just one of many, and I still am learning new things every day.

Hope you are all living a BellaVie!



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