Grammar in the Morning. Lesson Plans at Night.

That’s how my TESOL course is going. Today was an intensive conglomerate of nouns, adverbs, and parts of a sentence. I printed out all of the worksheets that I had to fill out to help me with the final exam. Yes, they were available just on my computer in a digital format… But actually having a big stack of papers for you to complete as a constant reminder to do the course is much more motivating. Sort of like scaling an English Teacher Mountain.

Perhaps that’s what I’ll call it: my English Teacher Mountain. What’s great about the unit I did today was learning about the different teaching roles and techniques as well as the types of learners that are out there. The tables have turned and now I’m going to be a teacher… It’s going to be quite the adventure.

When I printed out the actual lesson plan planner I kind of flipped out rom excitement. I actually have a lesson plan! My goal for the end of January is the get up to Unit 10 out of 20. I want to really absorb the information and am taking a lot of notes (especially on the grammar! Writing out how you would explain a part of speech to a young student really does help in understanding the material yourself).

Also! An update on my fundraiser, it is carved in stone that it will be January 27th. My friend Jacky Saucedo is working on an illustration for the poster. Remember that it is an open mic and I’m still looking for poets, artists, musicians and people that want to share what social justice issues they are passionate about. It will be at The Funky Java CoffeeHouse in Villa Park. I will have the Do More Than Exist Tees (also available online) for sale, The BellaVie Zine, and buttons for sale for The BellaVie Project Documentary. I’ll be sharing a few of the resources and books that have helped me to go out live my own Bella Vie and how people can also get involved with the Global Education Partnership volunteer opportunity in Yunnan Province with me. Everything will be revealed. Contact me if you would like to contribute or be part of the open mic line-up at

Hope you are all living a Bella Vie!



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