The Tools Available To Us

“…The global youth unemployment picture is getting worse, and with few governments taking proactive steps to address the issue, students need to understand that a successful career after college will demand that they identify, communicate and then revise a compelling story that clearly illustrates the value they bring to the market place…”

Michael Edmonson from the GoAbroad Article “The Realization You Have to Advocate for Yourself”

Do you realize the advantages that you have? I found this article on Twitter through GoAbroad. At first I thought… “pfft, Twitter! It’s just Facebook statuses…” But it is much more than that. Depending on the people and organizations you follow you may find out about jobs, participate in collaborative events, or discover really neat articles.

Twitter is just one of the tools I have found to be quite useful for experiential learning, even if it may still just be while you are *sitting* at your computer. The other tool that we have at our disposal is Facebook. Yeah, most of the people on Facebook will post meaningless things. But sometimes, some people will share some useful facts, a resource, or some beautiful artwork (thank you stumbleupon). Why not use this great tool to share your projects and goals and have others keep you accountable that way. It’s a system that you develop, and if there are people that occasionally nudge you and comment or like your goal… Isn’t it more of a boost for you to do it?

Also, blogs. Even just stand alone pages with things you have accomplished. It is a virtual resume that makes you stand out from the crowd. And with this digital age, it is a must to have that. Check out the great article above for more tips.

Just remember, there are all of these free resources available to you. Why not use them?

Hope you are all living a Bella Vie and Happy New Year’s!


2 thoughts on “The Tools Available To Us

  1. At first my thoughts about Twitter were exactly the same as yours… just more Facebook statuses. At times it still is true (the negatives when following friends), however; i’ve also found some amazing resources shared through Twitter.

    I couldn’t agree more with Michael Edmonson’s quote.


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