Getting Things Out There

I’ve just sent in my entry to the cine youth festival. I’m really excited, nervous, and everything. I’ve compiled my list of writing contests and film festivals that I’m going to send out my work too. If you need a resource regarding writing/film I do suggest they literally spam me with festivals from around the world.


The primary resource I use for my writing is There’s contests, tips, interviews with experienced literary agents, and even (if you are so inclined) DIY publishing and binding services in the classifieds. I pick up the latest issue from the library and take note of the new articles and tips.

Really helpful. Also, I’m almost done with my writing program through the Institute for Children’s Literature. I have one more assignment (book idea, no spoilers though!) and I shall be getting my certification and 6 college credits from them. There are so many resources and things I have learned from that course.

For film, I’m currently reading “101 Things I Learned in Film School” as well as some writing by Woody Allen. After I watched the PBS documentary about him, I directly went to the library and found everything I could about the man. Brilliant. I think I’m torn between “Manhattan” and “Annie Hall” from his films. They are both really good!

I’m continuing my UnCollege plan with film and writing and am enjoying every minute of it. I’m working on creating systems of focus (external sticky notes, internet blocker, morning to-do list) so I can accomplish everything I need to during the day. It’s not perfect, but I’ve really narrowed down what I want to do instead of having a million interests and projects. It’s a start!

Hope you are living a Bella Vie!




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