Entering The Digital Nomad Scholarship

I have just submitted my application video of why I would want to be a digital nomad, and join the awesome network known as the Digital Nomad Academy. I’ve done interviews with Jenny Leonard and Chris Guillebeau, and everyone knows that I rave about unconventional and creative decisions.

Ever since I was little, I’ve traveled. I have moved around 7 times – from places in Europe to places in the U.S. so I have always gotten the travel bug from a young age. If I stay too long in one place I get bored, the longest I’ve stayed at a school was 4 years – and that was high school. Too long!

I’ve already got my plans for China this upcoming summer, but I still want to reach out to other like-minded individuals. Individuals that value independent freedom, self-expression, and are doing what they love. And they do this by contributing to others.

My parents call me a vagabond for taking the train out frequently and just meandering the various little cities that are splattered across the great American suburban-ness. But it’s something that is recharging, and being in a new environment always brings about new ideas – whether it may be for a film idea, a poem, or some new characterizations for my writing. It’s refreshing, and with the opportunities that my little knowledge of travel hacking have brought me, the possibilities are infinite.

I want to contribute to others, and I want to show people that they can live a Bella Vie – maybe living a nomadic lifestyle is not for you but having your little hour a day to create something, to enjoy something, to “do more than exist,” that’s what I want to help with.

Hope you are all living a Bella Vie and Happy New Year!



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