Interview with Jon Garcia: Vlogger. Student. Activist.

Tell me a little about yourself!
My name is Jonathan Garcia. I’m a 21 year old junior at Grand Valley State University study English for secondary education with a minor in history. Besides activism, which should be pretty obvious, I’m into singing, reading, writing, drawing, anything related to my majors, sociology, politics, scooters and fiction.I plan to become a high school teacher but other interests include becoming an author and continuing vlogging for a looooong time.
Why are you doing King of The Web?
My friend Kym Couch (themunchkym) ran for King of the Web a few times and that’s how I found out about it. It seems kinda kitschy and fake sometimes, but the fact is that the whole campaigning thing helps boost a lot of vloggers (like me) and raises a lot of money for worthy causes.
What got you into vlogging?
I’ve been in YouTube longer than most people know. I got into a few vloggers like HurricaneAubrey and KevJumba at first and then enjoyed the Let’s Play scene. Eventually I got into the Vlogbrothers and started making a few videos of questionable quality at WashboardSam, my old channel.
Anyway one day I was like hey, I don’t have time to make vlogs all the time but I really want to get into it. I want to make more online friends because otherwise I’m just going to have more crappy summers and go on with no motivation. So I started The Minute Vlog and shared it with friends and family and here I am now.
What advice do you give to new vloggers/creative young people?
New vloggers? Well, first of all, remember that every other vlogger is someone like you. I’m not ridiculously popular and Internet fame is a very fickle thing. The best approach is to do the opposite of all of those reality television stars and get in it to make friends. Find others. Comment. Comment back. Talk. Tweet. Skype. Google Plus hangout. Even if you never have more than five people watching you, you just made five friends.

Share why you want to help end modern slavery and what can a person do to help?

I’m sure I’ll be drowning in student debt and all that 99% stuff that is happening is a terrible consequence to the world we live in, but even with my not-so-great luck, I have it way better than most. Millions of men, women and mostly children are sold into slavery in nearly every country in the world. It’s not just a third world problem, either. Michigan, where I live, is home to a lot of enslaved adolescents who are forced to prostitute themselves. Then there’s also chocolate  which is farmed by kidnapped African boys. The World Cup and similar events of awesome are tainted by the massive revenue they build for traffickers.

There are a few ways to help. Vote for increased government regulation in these fields. Petition. Get knowledge and spread it. If you like coffee, chocolate, diamonds, prostitutes or wearing clothes (I think I covered everyone) you should find out where to buy these products without supporting slavery. There are stickers for fair trade. If you can’t find that kind of stuff, buy local or organic because most farmed products that use slaves are made in third world places.
Thank you for helping decrease world suck Jon and keep being awesome. You can vote for Jon for King of the Web right here. And check out his “Minute Vlog” here. You are able to vote ten times a day until the end of the month – let’s decrease world suck and end modern slavery!
Hope you are all living a BellaVie!


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