My UnCollege Curriculum Update

I just got back from the library and came up with my specific curriculum of resources thank you to my UnCollege Coach, Carlos Miceli. I’ve decided to focus on two main things – Film and Writing. So I’ve devised a curriculum based on several colleges websites on what their curriculums look like.

I cannot express how much it helps to have a weekly call of clarity to just express your ideas and how you want to get there. Writing them down helps so much, and what I have learned so far is that systems help much more than goal writing.

I’ve recently downloaded a little timer for my dashboard which buzzes me in for when I have something else to do. For example I can put in 2o minutes for social networking, and then it will buzz that I used up my 2o minutes. After that I can use it again for other tasks on my to do list. It has helped loads since I downloaded it. Because everyone that knows me really well knows that I’m a social media junkie – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Youtube.

So with this new tool I’ve organized a new system to focus on my ideals. Film and writing books are up there in that photograph. I cannot wait to delve into them! I’ve currently got a few freelance gigs going on before the official start of winter break and my friend Melody comes to visit. We’re going to be working on the schedule of the China trip and making our to-do lists.

Also, a note about the fundraiser – I have not heard back yet from the coffeehouse owner but I will post the new date as soon as it is all settled. Stay tuned for my zine which will be out soon and feel free to contact me with any questions or more things you want me to write about, questions, etc.



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