The BellaVie Fundraiser Postponed

My fundraiser has been postponed to a further date. There was a last minute

schedule conflict. Not to worry, I will be updating the Facebook event page

with further information.


I want to thank everyone so far that has listened to my story, bought a shirt or zine,

or wanted to participate in some way. I’m really happy that my project has grown

so much and how it’s becoming a real tangible thing. It’s scary but exciting. It’s

sort of taking on a life of it’s own!


You can check out the event page on Facebook and RSVP if you are interested in

sharing some poetry, finding out about my documentary, and why I keep talking

about China. Also, if you have zines, artwork, music, or poetry you would want to

share feel free to contact me. Even if you cannot make it to the event, I would love

to read or share your passion with others. Stay tuned for an update on the date change,

and when I hear back from the coffeeshop!


Hope you are all living a BellaVie!





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