How Your Environment Matters

I mentioned in a previous post how what media you take in really matters. Well, today’s specific focus is on your  environment. What are some of your goals? Do you want to be a writer? Painter? Business person?

What makes you fall into this as naturally as possible? Your environment. I came across a great article entitled You are the Average of the 5 People You Spend the Most Time With. It really struck a chord with me, because I moved around throughout my childhood – 6 times total… yup –  and I always had a different friend group in every new school or social community.

I made some friendships and broke off some that I felt were not healthy. I still spread myself around to everyone, but within my tight group of friends we support each other. We share our projects and goals and offer resources for each other.

How about you? Your environment has a big impact on how you view yourself and others. Is your friend group supportive and able to create the space to be your true self? Find those people and contribute to them. They will most certainly contribute to you.

Hope you are all living a Bella Vie!



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