Online Communities and How They Bring People Together

Note: If you would like to be part of a documentary talking about your story and how online communities have helped you check out this video made by fellow Nerdfighter Amudha Venugopalan!

I remember middle school and high school. I kind of remember not exactly fitting in, but somewhere along that time,I learned to settle. And I learned to inhibit my nerdy quirks and interests. Being intellectually curious was not really “cool.” And yes, I succumbed to the Etnies skater shoes, hoodies, and wearing Aeropostale (I never liked Abercrombie & Fitch… I held my ground on that one aspect of clothing).

But then I had a new start, new school (I switched schools about 6 times because we moved a lot), so why not a new me? At this time in 6th grade I was obsessed with Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events. However the other kids were already breaking up with their boyfriends and talking about the next dance. Not that I wasn’t curious about that aspect of life, it just wasnot a priority of mine. I preferred having a countdown to “The Grim Grotto” in my Locker rather than a picture of (who was big when I was in 6th grade?)… Usher.

So anyway, I stuck to my reading books and sharing the latest nerdy thing I could find with my peers. Slowly nerds started appearing out of the woodwork. Fellow Harry Potter readers, Lemony Snicket enthusiasts, secret writers, web developers in their

spare time, current event enthusiasts, and people that were really enthusiastic about life. This took me a while. It took me a while to actually stand my ground and accept that “Yes, I love reading. I love asking questions in class. And no I do not give  a poop about Kim Kardashian [insert other people that you wonder why they are famous].”

But how did I gain that final push to be proud of who I really am?


The Vlogbrothers celebrated nerdiness, intellectual curiosity, and general awesomeness. I began watching their videos religiously  and started to get more and more involved with the community that is Nerdfighteria. I loved this community so much that I wanted to meet these people in real life. So, being the small Youtuber that I was I organized a Nerdfighter Gathering in Chicago on July 22,2011 at 2:22 p.m. inviting Chicago Nerdfighters to meet up.

Needless to say I have been in contact with the Chicago Nerdfighters ever since. Everyone is so creative, curious, and enthusiastic it’s so infectious. This is why I adore this online community. It has brought people that would have not met at school together to just hang out, talk, and joke about memes other people may not know about it. Yeah, I’m nerdy. That’s an aspect of who I am, but imagine each person complexly a


s the Vlogbrothers say. And do not settle for what you have, if you feel alone or people are bullying you or just don’t understand your love of Doctor Who… It will get better, and keep on sharing your intellectual curiosity.

You’ll discover much more that way then if you settle. DFTBA

Hope you’re all living a BellaVie!



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