Organizing Fundraisers… And General Organization

Well, it’s after Thanksgiving. I really took a break and did no work (well okay, I did a little). But it was mostly

just relaxing, hanging out with friends that I haven’t seen in a while and staying with family. But now it’s back to


Last week KHLOE magazine officially launched, you can get a sneak peak of the issue right here. It’s amazing what individuals can do, in just a short amount of time the idea of a real women’s magazine became a real thing. I am still awaiting my print copy and cannot wait to see it.

In other news, so far with all of the t-shirts and zines I have sold…. I have raised:


Thank you to everyone that is buying shirts and zines. I’m currently working on issue numero   3. If you are interested in contributing a short article, illustration, or poem feel free to contact me at I’m always looking for new creative people to collaborate with.

Speaking of other people, and collaborating! The Facebook Event for my fundraiser is up. I’m hoping to do two fundraisers for my documentary. Both will be in local independent coffee shops of course! I did not just want to have an “about me” night. I know that everyone has something that they are passionate about. And there are so many creative people out there, why not combine these two elements together? That’s why I’m making this a Social Justice + Art Night.

  • Do you want to end child labor?
  • Are you passionate about the environment?
  • What about stopping bullies?
  • Do you want to open up understanding about mental illness?

There are so many things that people are passionate about. What’s your story? If you want to write prose, or have a zine, write music, or write poetry… Bring it to the fundraising night and bring awareness and art to the event. I’ll have my tees, zine, and stickers available for purchase as well. And the coffee and tea at this coffee shop is yummy!

The date may possibly change but I will be updating all the details!

Hope you are all living a Bella Vie!




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