The Spirit of The Season – Consume, Consume, Consume!

In the beginning of the summer I began reading about minimalism and just taking care of your essentials. Today was Black Friday, and don’t get me wrong I like getting a good bargain on things. Especially since I’m eyeing this one Canon DSLR…  *snaps out of it*

It’s that time of year again, consuming more things that we don’t need to have. If anything, I have to get rid of some more clutter. This blog is a real inspiration for anyone that wants to get rid of the clutter and do what they want with their lives. I’ve decided to join in the #occupyxmas movement. I don’t want to feed into the big businesses that exploit their workers and have shady deals with foreign labor markets.

This #occupyxmas movement has included joining in the ZenHabits challenge as per the website:

“What is this crazy challenge? It’s simple — follow all these rules:

  1. Buy no new gifts during the holidays.

Wait, whaaat? Don’t fret, there are alternatives:

  • Make gifts, like crafts or construction type gifts.
  • Bake or cook consumable gifts like cookies.
  • Give the gift of your service — wash cars, give a massage, babysit, clean a house, mow lawns, etc.
  • Buy used gifts at thrift stores.
  • Donate to charity, as a group.
  • Volunteer at a charity together.
  • Have a shared experience together.
  • Create something, together, instead of consuming.
  • Give to others things you don’t need (a good sewing machine, etc.).
  • Find gratitude for what we already have.”
What do you guys think?
Hope you’re all living a Bella Vie!


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