Restocking and Reframing

This week I ordered a new set of Do More Than Exist tees and they should be available soon. Thank you to everyone that purchased one to help raise money for my documentary in China. I cannot wait to be on the plane and heading out. In other news the Global Education Partnership is reformatting and reframing. And more information about what the Partnership is will be up soon!

After a couple brainstorms with friends we realized that perhaps our view of entrepreneurship is not really how we should view it. Instead, we want to help children realize what their passions are and give them the opportunity to do so. And one of the ways that the opportunities they need can be fulfilled is through learning another language.

Check out this great TED talk on people learning the English language. In many parts of the world, knowing or learning another language opens up so many doors and opportunities. And that’s what I hope this blog will bring to light: opportunity.

Hope you are all living a Bella Vie!



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