This Post is Censored.

This morning I checked Facebook and found an uplifting post shared by author Barbara Winter on how Generation Y is the most suited for entrepreneurship. However, after opening my Tumblr blog I came across the IP-Bill and Internet blocking bill that corporations want to pull through.  Needless to say that this bill – would squash the entrepreneurial benefits that it has given people my age today.

I use my blog via WordPress. I sell merchandise and resources via BigCartel. I would not have met amazing Nerdfighters from Chicago if it weren’t for Youtube. And how else can I keep in touch with my friends overseas than Facebook?

Please watch the video I posted above and reblog, retweet, and tell your representatives that we do not want a few corporations to be in charge of entertainment and resources. The internet is one of the most amazing rights we have for true freedom of expression and sharing creative ideas with each other. Why would they want to block off something that is giving so many people jobs, ideas, and creativity?

Let your voice be heard. They are your representatives, working for you! Not the other way around. Keep on living a Bella Vie and don’t let barriers like this stop you!


2 thoughts on “This Post is Censored.

  1. Has our government not seen what has happened when other countries have enacted these types of internet censorship laws? If they think any peace will be brought by this? And by peace, I mean quieting down the protesters that they consider “pests.” If anything, the amount of protests will rise and only become unnecessarily violent, considering that social media is a way of safely unifying people to fight for a cause.
    And boohoo. The entertainment industry isn’t pulling in all the revenue as possible? Is that industry really being put on a higher pedestal than our own freedom of speech? I mean, I know the internet wasn’t exactly a thing yet when the fourth amendment was created, but our founding fathers created a loose set of rights to evolve as our culture changes; the internet should then be rightly protected by them as grounds of our speech rights.
    Honestly, if this passes, I’ll be terrified once I have my project up an running – you know what I mean by that. For someone up and coming, even if it’s not for profit, having a public domain will increase the chances of having government watch, all because I want to say what’s on my mind.
    But we won’t let this happen now, will we? ;>

    • We cannot let it happen. There’s been so much uproar just from today, and they would be hindering
      so much growth from individuals.


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