Filming in Chicago – Global Education Partnership

This weekend is quite a busy one indeed. I will be filming  a short trailer for the Global Education Partnership with my best friend and artist, Jacqueline in Chicago. After a Skype call with Melody and Jacky getting the final instructions on our creative end I’m really excited about the prospects of the project. We will be telling a bit about ourselves and our view of how we want The Global Education Partnership to grow into something more than just teaching at schools. We want to inspire creative education and intercultural exchanges between people of all backgrounds and ideas. Everyone has something that they contribute, and that is what I will be filming this weekend in Chicago.

I’ve got my little borrowed HD  Canon Vixia camera and I’m oiling up my tripod. I notice that when I’m storyboarding something up it is so much grander than I make it seem. But I have a different feeling about this particular video. It’s not too grandiose, and I just want to it leave people wanting more information on how they can get involved with the project. 

Also, a little update on my CoffeeHouse fundraiser, the date has been pushed back because my old high school’s play will be shown the weekend that I planned the original fundraiser. I would love to get high schoolers involved. I wished that I would have known about the opportunities I know about now in high school so I could focus on those right away rather than work at something I would not have liked as much. But I will make a Facebook event and I already have the flyer loaded with information on The BellaVie Project documentary as well as The Global Education Partnership.




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