7 Billion People on Our Planet

Today the 7 billionth person was born on Planet Earth. We are living in some of the most rapidly changing times, economies, and cultural shifts in ages. Where does on begin to grapple and adapt to this newfound global culture?

Have a look at this video and power of human community and beauty…

With all of these human beings available with stories, experiences, and life why do the majority settle for doing things that they are not necessarily passionate about?

We have more food available to feed all of the world’s population, yet not everyone is fed.

We have some of the most advanced knowledge of medicine and health, yet many people do not have access to simple nets that can stop malaria.

Yet, a young generation is being fed the idea that you work hard (rather than smart), get good grades, go to college, and work for someone else. Why not create your own business? Why not lead a project that will actually make you not dread Monday mornings? Think about it… Create your own Bella Vie and inspire these 7 Billion people to go out and Do More Than Exist.



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