Meeting with Nerdfighters and seeing John Green

On Monday October 17, 2011 I took the train to see some of the awesome Chicago Nerdfighters. We met at the Harold Washington Library, so nerdy aren’t we?

But we met at the Harold Washington for another big reason… We went to see John Green and Benjamin Alire Sáenz talk about “The Adventures of Augie March.”

Yes, John Green one of the Vlogbrothers! They are the ones that inspired me to start making Youtube videos and they guys that created the Nerdfighter community that is so made of awesome.

When we all walked into the auditorium it felt like a lecture hall and a sort of  Nerdfighter Field Trip. There was analysis of Augie March, discussion about morality, art, and how literature can be the definition of a generation.

Since high school I dreamed of living in the city across from the giant Harold Washington library. I currently go to my little cozy public library, but when I walk into this grand library and there are authors coming in to inspire young people to simply read… There’s something magic to that.

And when I was in the library with Nerdfighters and one of my favorite authors and a Northwestern Professor discussing literature… Needless to say my day was made.

Keep an eye out for opportunity, and read. Seriously, you will learn more on your own by using a library than by getting into debt at a university doing your general education classes.



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